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Die casting machine

U.S. Patent Number: 6523600

Abstract: A die casting machine has a divisible die casting tool. To be able to die cast in a secure manner large die-cast parts beyond elasticity-caused limits of the machine construction, the locking pressures for the die casting tool are transmitted by tool-integrated tie rods into a power flux circuit remaining within the die casting tool. In the closed condition of the die casting tool, the tie rods can be anchored in a tension proof manner on both sides of its mold parting surface in the die casting tool and, for the opening, can be detached at least from one of the tool parts of the die casting tool. For limiting the flow paths of the molten mass, several casting cylinders for feeding the casting material into the casting mold are distributed thereon so that the casting mold can be filled simultaneously from several points. For adapting the die casting machine to different die casting tools, the casting cylinders are adjustably held in their position parallel to the parting plane of the tool halves and can be fixed in the respective adjusting position.

Inventors: Soell; Guido (Urbach, DE), Fussnegger; Wolfgang (Tuebingen, DE)

Assignee: DaimlerChrysler AG (Stuttgart, DE)

Application Number: 08/937,356

Issued: 2003-02-25

Expired: 2007-02-25

Classes: 164/341 ; 164/137; 425/595

Field of search: 164/137,341 425/595,47,DIG.129

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